young-adult3Hebrews 11:7 ‘By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.’ (NIV)

“When you live by Faith, you are living on the edge of insecurity”

Faith heroes always challenge the the status quo. In one way or another, they are not ‘normal’ by most people’s standards.

God told Noah to build a boat. ‘Great,’ said Noah, ‘what’s a boat?’ ‘You know,’ came the reply, ‘one of those things you use when it rains a lot.’ Noah was excited, but perplexed. ‘Great,’ he said, ‘what’s rain?’ (Genesis says there had never been rain to the point in time.) When God told Noah to build a boat, it wasn’t a balsa-wood boat-in-a-bottle constructed out in the garden shed. Noah built a supermarket-sized boat in his driveway — and several other people’s driveways. It was huge! Tourists came from miles around to take photographs of ‘the fool and his boat’. Noah found favour with God — and saved his family — because he refused to be ruled by popular opinion. God declared a flood to world that had never seen rain — and only Noah was prepared to believe him. Were their moments when Noah felt doubt? Of course. Were there times when Noah wished someone else had received the call? Sure. Nevertheless, Noah was prepared to live with the insecurity and that was what made him a world changer.

Prayer: ‘Dear Father, thank you for the example of people like Noah who are obeyed your call even in the face of ridicule. I want to pursue your call on my life whatever the cost, so please, I pray, trust me, call me afresh even today.’


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  1. Judy Scurr says :

    Well, when you use the word insecurity in the statement of “as living by faith and living on the edge of insecurity,” then this is an encouraging word.
    I remember back awhile ago when a good friend moved from a small community to a rather large city and was struggling with his capabilities to do the work that God called him to do. The people in the smaller community were nothing compared to the multicultural variety that existed in this large city. He wouldn’t be dealing with thirty people but three hundred people and he couldn’t see himself capable.This friend shared with me that God had told him that his thinking was not faith thinking and those thoughts were unhealthy spiritually. It was a “grasshopper mentality.” I still hear those words in my mind and has often helped me overcome fear and timidity in my own life as I walk in patience and in faith day by day. There is also a song that plays in my head and it goes like this.. I have decided to follow Jesus, though no one goes with me will still follow. I have found that many times I have had to make decisions that were unsupported by family and friends and co-workers and it can be the loneliest time on earth. Without God in the midst of it all, it would be intolerable at times. Moving and leaving family behind can be very hard and painful but having God fill in those empty “heart” places makes it possible. Waiting on Him for direction and revelation does put you in a place of vulnerability but God always is faithful to His word.

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