7 responses to “HOME VIDEO OF MY HOME FARM”

  1. Becky says :

    Very warm and loving video..

    Wow! ‘Dem bushels sure did have a lot o’ ‘dem good tasting apples.

    Are you the youngest and cutest kid in the video???

  2. Jeffrey W says :

    Fantastic glimpse into a farming wonderland. While growing up around and playing at my neighbour’s farms I totally relate to the song lyrics …especially about building forts.

    Superb video B )

  3. Rick and Bonnie says :

    Wonderful to have great family memories…We thought the kid with the pink hat was cute…lol….

  4. Roger Burns says :

    Looks like a really great place to grow up. I can relate, I was raised on a farm too.

  5. Luge says :

    Wonderful vid, PA- brought me back to my being a kid in New England, and picking apples there.
    Looks like a wonderful place to be when you were young- thanks for sharing!
    Cheers, Luge

  6. Karen Wilkins says :

    A nostalgic feeling watching your clip. I grew up with farms all around me, my mother often sent me to a nearby farm to purchase cream for her. My parents owned a farm a few years before i was born. I was told a few funny stories by my eldest sibling, who had vivid memories of our farm. Very nice to have video clips of moments long gone to reminisce about. Very nice. Karen Wilkins

  7. Stephen Bowles says :

    A great video. Those images bring back alot of memories. I think back often to the days working on the farm, working in the orchard, skuffeling onions and planting cabbage. A lot of great times with the Does family.

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