Boldness is Beautiful!

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it; boldness is beautiful, there is power in it. There is a time to wait, the time of soul searching and heavy prayer. But there is also a time for action — for bold, courageous and determined steps into the unknown.

Acts 4:29 ‘Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.’

Boldness unlocks the power of God in our lives like nothing else, because boldness works to release the true power of our inner faith. Without faith we cannot find the favour of God; but without boldness we can never exercise our faith. Without boldness, favour is like a muscle that is never flexed. Without boldness, nobody will ever see the depth and the power of our faith in God — not even us. Faith demands more than giving mental assent to a course of action — it means more than simply saying, ‘Yes God, that seems like a good idea to me…’ Faith must have an outlet in action. Eventually, my faith in a word from God requires that I seize the opportunity he has put before me, without delay.

Sometimes, doors of opportunity are open for only a short space of time. If we fail to make use of them at the right time, they disappear. God is a gracious God and will often give us a second or even a third chance, but he wants us to learn the power of grasping God-given opportunities when they are first given. He wants us to learn the power of decisiveness, because it strips away all insecurity and double-mindedness. The boldness of faith breeds a mind of single focus, and a heart of gritty determination to succeed.

Prayer: ‘Lord, help me to learn how to act at the right time, with boldness. Help me not to delay when you have prepared a path before me.


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  1. Karen Wilkins says :

    Very timely call by the Holy Spirit. THank you. When the Holy Spirit is involved, what human can perfect perfection when ordained of God. It is delightful and joyous and a blessing to know someone who walks close to the Lord. I know i can count on strong spiritual and sound guidance. Again, thank you and God bless you. Karen Wilkins.

  2. Roger Burns says :

    I suppose the opposite to boldness would be fear. If boldness unlocks the true power of our inner faith, than fear must keep it locked away. Just today I went with my wife to the Highway of Heroes to pay tribute to the four fallen soldiers that came home from the war. My wife is a long time friends with the mother of the one soldier. He was young, only twenty years of age. From viewing news clips on the internet and seeing comments on a facebook group started in is honor, I could tell he was a bold and courageous young man. I knew that even though his life was short, only twenty years, it was much fuller than mine. I could tell that he had touched the lives of those who knew him and he had made an impact in the lives of those around him. I am sure that God wants me to be bold, like that young man. He calls us all to boldness. Boldness in love and serving of others with humility. Something I must confess, I have great difficulty with that.

  3. brendanwitton says :

    Great word Anthony – it actually really spoke to me regarding an opportunity that is in front of us 🙂


  4. truecorylove says :

    Hey Anthony,
    well u have done it again LoL!! This hear is another blog i very much enjoyed. Boldness is definitly beautiful!! And i find myself working on that more often these days. I think everyone always has that fear of like this opportunuity that strikes at them at a moment in time but they dont step forward into that light and path that god is showing them for the thought of its not the right time or there just to afraid to take a chance, because negativity seems to take over there entiyer being.

    I had to learn that the hard way growing up but more now i seem to sit back and really take in what god has given me and shown me over the past 21 years of my life. And im grateful through all the hard times, all the break downs, the different paths that were put in front of me for me to choose from faith came to me little by little and god made me see i have to learn to trust myself and stop being so scared! I have to put my heart, soul and trust into god that he does everything for a reason and that everything will be ok….

    Belive it or not i just started learning that more this year as 08 was one of the biggest hardest ordeals of my life 09 god seems to have changed me and brought me a more spiritual path that i never thought i would follow on ever!!! Different emotions, thoughts, trials, paths to choose, and so much negativity that was thrown at me that would have easily taken me down in a second but suprisingly i have grown and matured more in ways i cant even describe right now things i know are changing in my life and i have no idea how to handle but am feeling at peace with god that im learning more and more although its a slow process to put all my trust in him… and to take more chances. To listen to my heart more and know everything will be ok…:)

    God has put very speciific people in my life at the right time that i needed. When i was in my worse times. And it still amaizes me that i have made it this far. If people knew all that has happend and everything that i saw growing up “no child should ever have to face” people would be blown away i think.. well.. at least people i have met so far. For the 1st time in my life im learnin to take care of myself and put myself first before others… Yet it is something im still learning.. because i never knew how to exactly do that because i guess grew up with the thought of always having to be a perfectionist even though i knew it wasent possible i didnt know how to stop and till workjing through that but..i guess u can say i had to be a parent more faster then a child, growing up….just with the feelings of speechless as to everything.. i have no idea how to describe the feelings 🙂 but its all good lol! Everything is a learning process right now and im doing what any one would do. Taking it day by day.

    Alot of people these days are definitly more afraid to i guess be bold and take chances but i know god works in mysterious ways and that everything happens for a reason. Its definitly not a bad thing to be bold because the more bold, the more strength, the more faith starts to build when u pray and ask god to lead u that way, although it may take time it will happen when its ment to happen 🙂 thats what makes it more beutiful, when it happens it happens because god knows the perfect time for it! You just have to believe i can recall myself praying for a year for something to happen that i wished for with all my heart and soul and it came true.. and saw although it took all the time it did that it was worth the wait…:) everythings a helaing process but people can get through anything if they just give trust in god open your heart to him and let him help you. As long as it takes i wont lie its hard it really is but its because hes healing you i see it as, but the wait of any miricale god gives you is worth the wait…it took me so long learn that and im still doing that so right now…peace and love to you Pastor A! YOU ROCK! LOL!! TAKE CARE

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