The world can be a cruel place for children. From their earliest years, children pick up messages about their value from their environment. The younger they are the more they rely upon their parents for those clues as to their worth. Charles Cooley gave us the concept of the ‘looking glass self.’ He said that children come to resemble the image that the most important people in their lives have of them. They trust the perceptions of their parents and care-givers. So their behaviour and attitudes will often reflect those perceptions.

If you are a parent, your words to your children and about your children carry great power. Of course, we send out powerful non-verbal signals, too. Through our words and actions, we consciously or unconsciously impress a picture into our children’s minds, an image of who they are and what they have to offer that the big, wide world. When you consider the incredible influence we have in the development of our kids, it should make us rely on God even more.

Matthew 19:14 ‘Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”‘ (NIV)

In His strength, with His wisdom, we can avoid the poison of negative, short-sighted or self-serving words and actions. He can help us to control our actions, especially when we’re under pressure. Above all, when we commit our children to God in daily prayer, we receive his special covering for their minds and hearts. The world can be a cruel place for children, but our God is bigger than this world. He loves children and will protect the little ones entrusted to his care.

Prayer: (for parents) ‘Father in heaven, help me to say positive things to my children today. And to act in the way that shows them how valuable they are to you.’


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  1. Becky says :

    Powerful and well and meaningful message to all parents.

    I wish I had known God as my saviour in my younger years with my own children when they were growing up.

    As I have learned over the years, parenting comes with no prerequesite; it comes with trial and error..However, it’s like you said, children become an image of what they’re parents did and said. Breaking cycles in family generations can impact how you raise your children…Most important though, is recognizing the cycle, and taking steps to change it.

    Love your children unconditionally in everything and anything they do..even if their choice (s) in life do not agree with yours or how they were taught…Love outweighs everything…In this way, your children will not be hindered…

  2. Roger Burns says :

    Childern are such a blessing form God and at the same time they can cause me to have such worrie and concern. You are right Anthony about words and how much power they contain. God is showing me that no matter how I feel I must choose my words wisely and trust His ways not mine. Just as you say, in His strengh and with His wisdom. I pray for there protection form satan and that His will be done in there lives. I also pary that He will make me the father and husband that he wants me to be. Praying that to God gives me great relief. I will add to it your prayer. Thanks so much.

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