an unborn life has value

We all long to have value, to feel worthy of love and respect. There are two kinds of value, however: ‘intrinsic’ and ‘extrinsic’ value. If we say something has ‘intrinsic’ value, we mean that it has value in and of itself – it is valuable simply because it is what it is. We find intrinsic value, for example, in things that are beautiful, costly or rare. A painting by Vincent Van Gogh has intrinsic value because it is a thing of rare artistic wonder. On the other hand, we say that a thing has ‘extrinsic’ value when it has value simply because it can perform a certain function. This kind of value is based on the performance of some task, or living up to some expectation. Extrinsic value is fickle: once a thing stops performing properly we discard it. There are millions, even billions, of people in this world who feel that the only value they have is the extrinsic kind. If they stop ‘doing the job’, if their performance fails to match up, they think they’ll be thrown onto the scrap heap. Human beings crave intrinsic value. We want to be loved and prized for who we are, not for what we can do.

Romans 3:23-24 ‘For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.’ (NIV)

That’s the good news of Christianity. It’s not by our works that we’re made right with God. He doesn’t love us because we’ve earned it. His love, his acceptance, is based purely on his grace, his favour. We were fallen, yes, but we still worth dying for, simply because he chose to love us! You have intrinsic value, because God thinks so much of you – don’t forget that.

Prayer: ‘Lord, thank you that I do not earn my way to heaven. So, the pressure is off. You have done the hard work for me. Thank you that I have value because God loves me.’


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  1. Sean Mohammed says :

    “Thank you that I have value because God loves me. “I am sure that every one needs to read this every morning of every day we live.
    Thank you Pastor Anthony this was a great lift me up…

  2. Greg Harrison says :

    Pastor Anthony,

    For a long time, maybe over the past five years I have felt uninspired by others. I felt that no one was hitting the mark or finding the intrisic value of one another in the body of Christ. I felt alone in my walk and felt I was the only one that was paying attention to things that really matter. Things that should matter to people and definitely matter to God. Your words in these blogs are hitting the mark. I am glad you are writtting them, but I discovered awhile ago that I don’t just value you cause ever once and a while you have had the ablility to hit the mark but rather I have grown to appreciate you for who you are. How God made you and even your flaws. I find it charming and endearing that despite your flaws you press towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. In doing so you have set an example to me, that I too despite my many flaws should keep pressing towards the mark of the calling in my life. I also discovered a few years back that I was content with how God had made me and content with who I was In Christ. My works, deeds and God given abilities are of no importance to me anymore. So I enter the rest that God has given me and yet with ease I continue in the works that I believe God has called me too. I see signs that God is sending me people who will love me just for me and I am refreshed by this blessing. Nothing worse than being loved for your works or Deeds. I hope that my works and deeds are only noticed by God now. It certainly takes the pressure off. All this to say, ” I appreciate you, man! ” Sorry if I ever put pressure on you to produce the results that I wish to see. I know that God will do it through all of us with his love working through us together in unity by just being who we are and not worrying about all the rest. I don’t know if this makes sense to you but just know I appreciate you for you.
    Yours In Christ
    Greg Harrison

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