The choices we make not the chances we take determine our destiny.


Whether in the home, in the school, or in society at large applying healthy discipline is about developing accountability. Somebody has said there are three stages in growing up: dependence (when I a need others for everything), independence (when I think I need others for nothing), and interdependence (when I know I need others for the important things in life). The aim of parental discipline is to teach children to make decisions responsibly, with an awareness of their accountability to others. Maturity says: I am free to make my own choices, but I am not free to escape the consequences of bad choices, and others will also benefit or suffer through my choices. In the end, we discipline our children so that they will learn how to discipline themselves.

In Proverbs 13:18 it says, ‘He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honoured.’

That’s God’s goal when he disciplines our lives. He is teaching us to discipline ourselves. He wants us to be able to measure for ourselves the long-term effects of our choices. We shouldn’t run from God’s discipline, we should embrace it. Why does God cut back a fruitful tree? So that it bears more fruit in the long-term.

Prayer: ‘Lord, thank you for taking time to discipline my life and guide my steps. Help me to learn that self-discipline brings success, and that I am never held back from my true destiny by my own weakness.’


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  1. Sean Mohammed says :

    “I am never held back from my true destiny by my own weakness” In Christ Jesus Amen. Pastor Anthony you rock.

  2. Roger Burns says :

    That’s pretty neat pastor Anthony. I never quiet though of it that way. When God disciplines us he is teaching us to discipline ourselves. So it is a two way street. It’s not just God giving the orders and us towing the line. He wants us to learn and grow in Him. That’s what makes it a relationship. And a good thing to model to our children. Thanks pastor Anthony.

  3. Carol Woolacott says :

    Very true and good revelation. It never seems pleasant at the time when we are being disciplined. When God does it I some times wonder what is going on in my life but when we reap the benefits of self discipline WOW! I need self discipline and it is worth it.
    Thanks for your view on it P Anthony

  4. Becky says :

    Good Blog P. Anthony…

    Discipline is learned and is very necessary for growth in all areas of our lives…I know when I am praying I ask God to discipline me where he sees fit and even though it feels like I have done something wrong, I know I haven’t because God wants me to grow to become a better Christian and person. Praise you Jesus. I have many areas of my life where I need his discipline and when I obey him, I reap the benefits… This is a good for our children to learn no matter what the age… Children learn by example, so, if we’re not following the Christian walk, and we want our children to do so, or to come to know Christ and to follow him, then we’d better step up to the plate heed God’s discipline for our lives.

  5. truecorylove says :

    Hey Pastor A 🙂

    Well this blog is very true, disipline goes along way in gods eyes he wants to disipline us to show us patience as well i belive 🙂 i truly belive thats why sometimes things we pray for to god take time… because he wants us to learn discipline, patience and so much more…its good, he works his ways and in the end its always a beautiful sight, even the littlest things he works on 🙂 because in the end although many dont understand why god does what he does he does it for the better for us :-)! As a child i was raised to be respectful of course and be open minded with an open heart, and my mom let me make choice very freely but of course was there if she felt something really was wrong or she would give her opinion but let me make my own decisions and im thankful for alot of reasons she raised me that way…because its allowed me to feel the freedom and spirituality i feel with god now! But in other ways i wish it were different how i was raised but im thankful to god he gave me the mother he did, she did her best to raise me. And im grateful although i admit i wish some things had gone differently. But I know god made it that way for a reason and im learning new things now to help me change for the better. We should definitly embrace gods displine its a gift…not a punishment…its an miracle not a wonder we should have to have as to why hes done that and be hurt or angry..God knows whats best for us and he wants nothing but love and happiness for all of us.

    I think thats why im feeling the connection with god im feeling now. Because hes trying to show me a different path he wants to guide me down. Although its not all that clear to me just yet i know it will be revealed to me when its ment to happen.

    God is good, god is right, god is our spirit, god is our light, god is our strength, god is our love, god is our guidance, we are all in need of 🙂

    In the mean time i just cherish the people hes put in my life n new things hes made my eyes, heart, and soul open up too. 🙂 And ur defintily apart of that. Wish i was able to see one of your sermons Pastor A. but i know ur in toronto ever think ull make one in l.a maybe?? lol I guess only god an time will tell… Thankful to god for your blogs 🙂 and for choosing someone like you to speak to us with his amaizing spirit being apart of ur heart and soul… love n blessings to u and ur family Pastor A always 🙂 u rock!

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