Taken from ‘SUNDAY COMPOSERS’ – By Dr. Michael A. Halleen

Alexander Borodin was a nineteenth century Russian composer, a member of “The Mighty Handful,” a group of that nation’s five leading composers dedicated to producing a distinctly Russian music. His opera, Prince Igor, is thought by some to have been his most significant work.

Borodin, however, always considered himself no more than a part-time musician—a “Sunday composer,” as he called himself. His training and professional career were in organic chemistry. He worked as a researcher in that field, writing scholarly articles and delivering lectures in Russian universities and throughout Western Europe. But on weekends, as a hobby, he wrote string quartets and symphonic poems—and Prince Igor. It’s that music that became his legacy to the world. Likewise . . .

– Alexander Graham Bell was a teacher from Brantford Ontario whose wife was nearly deaf, and at least in part as an effort to assist her to hear better, he invented the telephone. What started as weekend tinkering to solve a domestic communication problem revolutionized communication for all.

– The Wright brothers built bicycles in Ohio, but when business was slow they fiddled around with the idea of flying. It was just a sideline. Then came that December day in Kitty Hawk, and the Wrights would forever be associated with flight.

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. . . . (Let us) use it in proportion to (our) faith.” (Romans 12:6)

The gifts that lie within many are too great to be confined to a single avenue of expression. Some of you are just ‘posers’ because day in and day out are willing to be satisfied with pretending that all you are is presently what you are doing. The interests that drive some are too varied and rich to be satisfied with punching the same clock for forty years. And, for a certainty, the needs of the world go well beyond the contribution any of us can make to meet them in a mere eight hours per day. We need more “Sunday composers.”

Are there dreams still hidden in you?

What are you doing next weekend?


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4 responses to “ARE YOU A COMPOSER OR A POSER?”

  1. Rick and Bonnie says :

    As I think about my life, I realize, I was made to be a composer. As I think about my age, I realize, only God can complete what dreams I have in my heart. They are just too big for one person and too big for the life span I have left. I also know that God can make something happen in a “suddenly”. We were all born to be composers and to co labour with the One who created us. We can make a difference. I just love the hope that we have in knowing Jesus and having Him as our source of strength. I highly recommend giving Him the opportunity to make a difference in one’s life.

  2. Kevin Frank says :

    Thanks for the encouraging blog post, Pastor A. Something we all need to hear. Also, your sermon on Sunday was a very encouraging message to all of us parents, and greatly appreciated.

  3. Sean Mohammed says :

    I have always been a Poser and then Pastor A you are the man that helped changed that but there are still times in my life i need to see where i am just posing or composing for God. Great word P. A.

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