Fear takes a hike when love comes to town! Faith, which the Bible says is based on love, always supplants fear. Now, that doesn’t mean that people of faith never face problems without fear showing up. Coming to spiritual faith is just the first step in overcoming our deepest fears – but it’s also the biggest and the most liberating. Through a growing understanding of God’s plan for their lives, a new intimacy with God through prayer, and a spirit of joy and courage even in life’s toughest moments, people of faith are able to gradually face up to the issues that have caused them anxiety. What begins as a spiritual experience, grows out into every other aspect of their being – soul, mind, and body. That’s what the Bible means when it says that we can be totally transformed by the renewal of our minds. To put it another way, as you daily learn to line up our emotions and thoughts with what God is doing deep in your spirit, you will begin to experience freedom and release from anxiety. Of course, if you have suffered from serious or debilitating phobias, therapy may be necessary and helpful, particularly if it helps you to identify the hidden causes of some specific fear. Counseling, combined with personal support, can be very helpful in the process of healing. But, in the end, it’s the new life of Christ within you, the nature, character and power of Jesus working out through you, that really sets you free. So, don’t give in to your fears – they’re not part of God’s plan for your life. Claim the promise of his word, that your life can be totally transformed. Learn to line up your thinking with what the word of God says about you and watch fear take a walk…

Prayer: ‘Father, please help me to be filled with your special brand of love, so that faith is mobilized in my heart, and fear is evicted. I want your strong love to fill every part of my existence today.’


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  1. Roger Burns says :

    I know I have had the spiritual experience you speak of. But sometimes I am afraid that I am not connecting with God on an intimate level. I worry that I have pushed Him away when I get distracted with my day and, the things I need to accomplish with work and family. Quite often I feel like there is more I should be doing for the Lord and the Kingdom, as though I am letting Him down and not pleasing the Father. Then I remember the cross of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for me. He gave His life to save my own. There is no greater example of love than that. I would very much like the freedom and release form anxiety you speak of Anthony. Thank you for the guidance. My thinking need an alignment.

  2. Becky says :

    I really love this blog Anthony…I used to have many fears, but slowly and surely I have overcome some of them..Some were real and others were false real…..Counselling helped me to see this difference…esp. the spiritual counselling. I thank you Jesus for helping me to dispel some of my fears. I try to use the acronym for fear…F-false; E-Evidence; A-about; R-reality. There is no greater fear than fear itself..These are all great to say, but you have to believe it with all your heart, mind, and soul. Something which I have to work at constantly…I’m glad I have plenty of faith and love to help me. Father, continue to help me grow more in you and to have an everlasting abundance of faith and love to give others to help them with their fears and anxieties.. In Jesus name, Amen.

  3. truecorylove says :

    Wow fear is definitly a big thing in some of the closest people i know, and love.The bible is about love definitly because the love that the bible has is what alot of things and people in our world need to feel today. Nobodys perfect even some of the strongest people with faith have there times of fear still. And i think thats because there is still much of god needed in there lives. Thats just ways of showing that nobodys perfect. And were all learning and over coming fears every single day. Thats the easy part, the hard part for alot of people (not placing judgment on anyone) is letting god in to your heart and stepping up to the plate and facing that fear or fears? maybe even for the fear itself right there that god will be angry with you or that you havent done right about something and they cant bear to step into the light that god has for them. Theres fear in it in general anyways i think.

    But with a little faith and trust in god your mind can definitly be transformed in ways that i feel i have been this year, still am facing alot of my fears, one im willng to share, that i have felt this amaizing change in me that i dont even know were it came from, but its like a battle (my fear right now) loosing my mom and accepting that god has to take her home to heaven someday. Before this thought would terrify me because when i saw my mom get sick for the first time i was 12 years old (heart attack) for any kid seeing that they will right away break down, be tramatized, and think there parent isint gonna make it. From then on thats how it was for me my mom has been in and out ofthe hospital for the last 9 years. And everytime i would see her taken away there was always that fear that i wouldent see her again that this might be her time. I have been up and down that road for 9 years not knowing. a child in that frame of mind when there little can be pushed in so many different directions which suprises me till this day that im still here. The chance of god taking my in very ceratin aspects still terrifies me because well its a parent and no child would ever want to loose there parent. Those years were some of the toughest in my life, but i see now that god made it that way for a reason and although i dont know the complete answers all the time, i trust him now, and he has always given me that comfort with my mom when he had to have those talks if she was ever to be taken to the hospital again. Its heart breaking to watch someone right in front of your eyes be taken away in an ambulance, with the possibility of him or her not knowing whats going on…because there sick… and them crying saying dont let them take me…how does someone handle that who has faced thing many people dont even know about her….and trying not to feel guilty.. well…. you have to put all your trust in god, you have to be strong and belive some how some way everything will be ok… no matter what you going through again i say it may seem impossible but just when ur at ur lowest god knows when he will need to be with u most of all…”EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON” and i still am praying to my self right now for god to keep me strong. I know he will some way….i can feel it…for anyone going through hard time dont give up!! gods there just open your eyes a little more and really look at whats in front of you notice the simple things, the wind blowing against your cheek, the color of the sky, the people around you the simplest things can be shown to u by god and u wont even realize it, open up your heart….hes there…

    Peace and love Pastor A…take care

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