You are not an accident of birth. God doesn’t have accidents! The fact that you are here at all is the result of divine providence, God’s hand guiding history. The fact that you are called to be a Christian and set apart for God’s great plan, proves again that he is very deliberate with you. Now that you’re living for him, the Lord wants to declare, even to people that come from afar, that he formed you and set you apart.

Hidden Child

God gave you a name before you were born. That means that he was involved in shaping your nature, your destiny and your calling, before you were born.

In fact Isaiah 49:1-2 says it clearly. ‘… Before I was born the LORD called me; from my birth he has made mention of my name. He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver.’

He’s fitted you with the nature you need to fulfil the purpose he has for your life. You were born for the work he has you doing now and the work you will grow into over time. There’s nothing accidental about your life at all. There is purpose in your existence. Even when it seems that nothing much is happening for you, there’s a purpose in it. There are times when he will hide you in the shadow of his hand. He will put you his quiver, like a sharpened arrow awaiting its appointed task and time. Yet even then, when you’re itching to go and wondering why God is working so slowly, you can remember that he’s keeping you close to himself. You’re not in some storeroom somewhere, momentarily forgotten while God attends to more important matters, or helps more important people. No, you’re in his quiver; you’re on his person and carried by him at all times.

Prayer: ‘Father, I know that you have a very deliberate purpose for my future. Shape the nature that you’ve given me into something that really hits the mark for you. And help me to remember that, even in the slow times, you don’t forget me.’


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  1. Spencer Nordyke says :

    Awesome! It’s my Born Identity!

  2. truecorylove says :

    Your definitly right god doesent make accidents….he makes purposes, he made destinys to be done when he created us with his pure, beautiful, hands…and made sure that in every beautiful human being that he created they would serve a purpose like god did act creating u pastor anthony :-).

    God has a reason for everything and many who fall into deep dark places were they once again feel like nobody is there or god himself is not there to pull u out thats when hes holding u closest to his loving, beautiful heart in which he shared with all of us….how u may wonder..???? well to me when he created each of us he put a little of him in all of us 1 of many things being his heart, which is filled as we all know with the most beautiful, amaizing,safe, gentle everlasting, embrassing love and he is always there by our side sharing that with us we just have to learn to accept it and realize that there is something that beautiful that excists….he gave us the most beautiful most precious gift… he gave us life….and apart of it theres good and bad unfortanatly but i see it as him trying to see if we can continue to belive in him that no matter how long something bad occurs he can always turn it into something beautiful if u just belive in him and have faith in what hes done…and realize that everything happens for a reason….

    I try and not look at pain as a negative thing always ..sounds weird but true… because the more u think about it *pain can be beautiful in very specific ways, because it lets u know ur alive still* it lets u know that no matter how bad something is god is right there with u…by urside through thick and think, god is the love of our lives….and the love and peace of this world….he created each person uniqully to serve a purpose for a reason…

    Its amaizing to think about that!! at least thats how i see it!! Because just think of some of the peeople that have come in and out of our life wether it be a friend, lover, insperation of a musician, or actor even maybe….god lets us see what we see for a reason, he shows us what he shows us for a reason…and i learned to think and love the thought of what god has planned next of who or what is coming into my life because ive learned to have so much trust in him *although still learning* its a mystery everyday… and i know there will be tough days…but i know god will make it better somehow someway and with the trust i have developing for him i know in my toughest times his love and spirit will hold me and embrace me in his ever lasting spirit and shield me with protection until he feels im ready to fly…

    .*I TRUST YOU* *WHISPERING TO MYSELF* i trust god and i know everything will fall into place when its ment to. Along the way i pray as many would to give me the stregth to hold on and stay strong through the changes that are happening in my life….such like as the prayer u put in the ending of ur blog P. Anthony is what i pray

    – God Help me to remember that, even in the slow times, you don’t forget me.’

    Nobody or nothing is an accident EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON


  3. Greg Harrison says :

    Is there an expiry date when God has you on the shelf. Sometimes I feel like I’m spoiled already. LOL!

    Here I am Lord sitting on the shelf…waiting…….drinking coffee.. wondering what to do next. LOL!

    If you would like to read my thoughts about Michael Jackson please go to my blog at

    Your Brother In Christ

    Greg Harrison

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