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Some people think that the age of miracles is long gone. Others say that miracles do happen, but only for certain specially gifted Christians. Actually, every Christian can be the agent of a miracle. One man who has seen more miracles than most in his lifetime is renowned German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. One of his most significant miracles took place long before he became well-known. Reinhard, then an unknown missionary, invited an internationally renowned evangelist to come to a city in Lesotho, Africa for a series of miracle healing sessions, which were heavily advertised throughout the region. On the very first day of the meetings, the guest preacher told Reinhard that God was sending him home, and he left. Bonnke was at a loss – it was too late to turn people away, but there was nobody else to fill in as a guest speaker. So, with nothing but faith to go on, Bonnke told the people that he was going to speak and then God was going to work miracles. During his preaching, he felt God tell him to call for people who were totally blind. He did so and half a dozen people stood to their feet. Reinhard drew a deep breath and shouted, ‘In the name of Jesus, blind eyes open!’ Suddenly a woman screamed at the top of her voice: ‘I can see, I can see, I can see!’ She had been blind for four years. That was the beginning of a long miracle ministry that has touched whole nations. And it all started with one simple step of obedience. Sometimes, that’s all God is waiting for, a simple step of daring obedience. With courageous faith, even the least of us can experience great things!

In John 14:12-13 Jesus clearly says; ‘I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.’ (NIV)

Prayer: ‘Lord, thank you for showing the world the power of God’s love through the miracles you worked. Thank you that the age of miracles isn’t dead. Help me to take bold obedient steps of faith, to unlock the power of the miraculous in my life.’


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  1. Priya says :


    Why has this very thing been on my heart for the past few months…and, why, praytell was I praying about this very thing this morning?? :o)

    I can’t believe how after all these years – you’re still the greatest mentor EVER. Thanks for teaching me so much about servanthood, leadership, passion for Jesus and for the generations He loves.

    May you continue to glorify Him.


    P.S. My love to Sonja!

  2. Paul Kemp says :

    It seems to me that when the subject of miracles comes up it is most often connected with claims of “physical healing” It is sad to see how the miraculous nature of God is acknowledged in such a limited way…for the scope of God`s miraculous power is manifested all around us daily.
    A dozen blind people stood to their feet for healing in the story. I`m assuming that at least some of the eleven who did not claim healing continued in their faith and love for God. Perhaps that is the greater miracle.

  3. truecorylove says :

    Hey Pastor A!! 🙂 Well… Lets see this story sounds simply intreaging, and amaizing always love the stories u bring…

    Ok miracles dont just happen to certain people no way, miracles can happen to everyone! But of course to the people who need it most and only god can decide that. Miracles can be from small things to big things, the littlest smallest things can be the most important miracles, but in order for those miracles to come true u need to have a faiith that they can happen!!!! Anything is possible if you just belive in it!!

    Praying to god, and him hearing your worries, heartache, and fears he can hear u!! Just open up your heart! 🙂 Dare to obey him!! it will lead you to nothing but love and the happiness…until it is your time to open up the beautiful heavens he has ready for when it is our time to go HOME! 🙂 So it can be the best of both worlds if u just have a little faith…Your faith can give u so many different, beautiful, experiences one can never think off that is ever possible, you just gotta belive….struggles will come along the way…but that is what it takes to make someone stronger….

    People dont even realize when someone goes through a struggle a miracle can be that they made it through and they are or can be a completly changed person, that is a miracle, simple things like when a child is taken from a bad situation and taken in by someone who cares… that is a miracle, or when someone needs a hand and someone can stop and be 1 to give that hand that is a miracle to me! 🙂 miracles are found in all sorts of places like i said before, u just have to open your eyes…. n listen to your heart! u do that n u know u cant go wrong 😉 I think having untouched courageous faith can be the greatest miracle because when having untouchable faith that nothing or noone can take away, anything can happen that can start a unstoppable movement all over!! 🙂 Unstopable faith, unreachable faith can bring the world together and make the change happen that this world needs to be able to spark up that little light inside someones heart that is afraid to shine and make it uncontrollably bright!!! 🙂 Anything is possible! Truly from my heart nun but peace and love P. Anthony!! YOU ROCK!!

  4. Tony Walton says :

    Here is a collection of God and miracle stories from the mission field.

  5. roshani says :

    thanks for the articles written. encourging.. keep writting.

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