Everybody likes surprises, we all love it when something happens beyond our expectations. Frustration sets in when you expect one thing but get something less. Frustration is where your expectation exceeds your experience. Faith, on the other hand, is where your experience goes beyond your expectation! God loves to do things that go way beyond our thoughts, hopes or desires (Ephesians 3:20). He loves to show up in the middle of problem or battle in our lives, and shout with theatrical flair, ‘Ta Da! I’m here!’

Isaiah 64:1, 3-5 ‘Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down… For when you did awesome things that we did not expect, you came down, and the mountains trembled before you. Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him. You come to the help of those who gladly do right, who remember your ways…’ (NIV)

Isaiah says he comes down and does awesome things that we weren’t even looking for! His presence, when it is suddenly revealed in a situation, causes mountains to shake. When Jesus spoke of casting mountains into the sea through what we say by faith, he didn’t mean that our words move mountains. No, it’s the presence of God who comes to back up our words of faith – that’s what works wonders. As in times of old, God is still able to exceed our expectation, he is still a wonderful God, a God filled with wonders!

The world, says Isaiah, has never seen a God like him, one who actually ‘acts on behalf of those who wait for him’. He’s a God who shows up in visible and often dramatic ways, coming to our rescue. Do you need for God to ‘come down’ and meet with you in your problem; to show up and make some noise? He will; all you need to do is wait with expectation, keep gladly doing what is right, and remember how he works, how he likes to do things.

Prayer: ‘Jesus, I really need God to turn up in a major way right now, and produce some wonders in my situation. I promise to wait for him and to keep doing right, in faith.’


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8 responses to “‘TA DA’”

  1. truecorylove says :

    Hi there Pastor A 🙂 hmmmm…. what to say about this???? Well of course yes indeed everyone likes suprises that god brings unannounced those are the best suprises that god can give!! at least i think so 🙂 Because that gives people the little spark and insperation of faith that they just might need to truly open up there heart to god u know???

    Frustration is a very familiar thing to many people even me at times still and i wont lie about that im learning as its apart of my faith that has been growing for god… But also from what ive seen were peoples faith starts to get shady… n the beauty of faith with light that they once had in there heart of god sadly dissapears because well… alot of people expect to get such a big expectaion from god that they want at that particular moment in time and maybe it just isint the right time for it…so sadly when many dont get what they want they might get angry and say u know if there was a god then he would give me this request now! When many might not realize that then isint the right time… But the best part always come later on because to me god always like to getcha in a state of shock or supirse that way u can know he really does exist!! To were ur just like wow!! this is really happening to me??? sorta thing… its so beautiful when that happens because u know u can stop, look up at the sky, close ur eyes, and feel his presense surrounding u :-).. how i love those unexpected suprises.. just when u think things are really bad… god is always there reaching out his hand to show and say im never to far…HES THERE I KNOW HE IS 🙂 HES MY TREASURE…MY SAVIOR, HE GAVE ME LIFE…

    For proof pastor anthony im gonna share a story that is only partially told to my family…( a little scared to say this, a little worried also for fear of who might see this)so u and hopefully others can truly see god is real… and that although sometimes bad things happen they happen for a reason ….but when it doesent kill u makes u stronger….I was malested as a little girl and hid it from my family for 10-11 yrs and didnt reveal this to my some family until april of 08 i have never said who it was….that did it because im sitll so scared… god has really been working inside my heart in ways i cant describe or even know….how to explain i just feel different and im still healing and learning but i dont think some one ever officially recovers from something like this….i put it in gods hands and althouh im still so scared … i trust him … more then ever because i didnt think i could ever heal at all or have the things that hapeend to me happen and not come out a better person….i still dont know how ive come this far i guess i do have a reason for being here and god is setting an adventure for me right now that is proving my strength in ways that still suprises me… hes shown me beauty, love, strength, and so much more hes made me independent with more beautiful strength that i never thought i deserved although i have a long way to go emotionally im thankful for were i am at the moment….with what happend to me he suprised me!! he brought me happiness and people in my life that im grateful to get on my knees pray for a cry happily to god that he put them in my path….idk wat he has in store for me but im learning to take in beauty….confidence…..(trying with trust) patience, appriciation, blessings, adventurous roads…. that have made me what i am today… im still growing as a person but hopefully peole will love me for who i am.. and how im still growing as a person.. as i said i put trust in gods hands right now and see were he leads me….

    God will always love to do things suprisingly because thats wat makes people gain his beautiful faith i wouldent have it any other way

    Hes proven to me …… alot…..i love him…!! 🙂

  2. Sean Mohammed says :

    For about five years I have had a problem with the leaders of this church that I use to attend. I was not able to put it behind me and I felt like it was weighing down on me all of the prayers and healing was not helping. A couple of days ago I did something I never thought I would have done and that is email these people and just say hello and let them know how God has touched my life today. The response was great they emailed back and was very happy to hear from me and all things in the past, was left in the past.

    Why this story?

    It was a surprise by God by him giving me the strength to do something I would not normally do. Understand when I confront I want to knock someone out. This was not the case Surprisingly God has done a great thing and that is giving me strength to speak to these people but also allowing me to understand his love as I love my children how much more does he love me. This was something that allowed me to get closer to him because he wants me closer to him. Understand this was all God by surprise because I was lying to myself that by saying it was not bothering me and God surprisingly strengthen me do this. Thank you God.

    If you thought that this was nothing well he also saved me from dyeing at birth ,from being shot at many times, and surprisingly brought me out of a life of drugs ,pimping, guns and at times worshiping everything that was not of God.

  3. Judy Scurr says :

    This is an area that I can totally relate to personally and have had to deal with more times than not. Not seeing our expectations can be frustrating and disappointing. The enemy can keep us in that place of disappointment for a long time if he knows we will give into his lies. This alters our faith and belief system to a degree where we stop believing and expecting in anything God has promised us.
    Spending time in prayer, the word, regularly making time to sit and soak in God’s presence really helps build up our faith and keeps our discerner keen to satan’s devices. We can expect what God has shown us in our spirit will happen and we will have the faith for it. Staying faithful and plugged into God is important. It is He that helps us through if we let Him.
    For several years I worked as a youth guidance director/coordinator at a youth drop-in centre. I ministered to un-churched families/street kids, many of them young offenders that attended court on a regular basis. There were many opportunities for frustration and disappointment to come in because there was little or no foundation to work from/with. These young people had so much potential and the challenge was getting them to a place where they could started walking and living in some of that potential. The first step was getting them to see themselves outside the lifestyle they were growing up and living in. This process required a lot of patience in which I relied on God for because it was humanly impossible and painful at times. I learned very early in this work that all I was required to do was teach (guide), love them (unconditionally) and pray for them and God would do the rest and reveal what I (& staff) needed to know for each person’s situation etc.
    I have written all of this just to say that there were kids that made my work very hard and I thought they were never going to make it, which was frustrating at the time because you want the best for them. I would go through all kinds of emotions and spend much time in prayer over them and then God shows up when you least expect it. You hear from them and they are now policemen/women, married with families and attending church regularly. There are a few in the Canadian Armed Forces over in Afghanistan asking for prayer to come home alive and in one piece. One arrived home and thanked me for praying and acknowledging that God answers prayer (not saved yet) There are some that went back to get their highschool diploma or are in University. There is one that was on crystal meth and other drug related trouble and is now in with Teen Challenge completing his rehab and desiring to go to Bible school after he’s done his program. On the other side, some have died from overdoses or accidents of some sort and many are choosing to live in the life style they grew up in. Some will be in jail for a long time ( robberies & murders). All in all I believe God is still working on the seed that was planted into their lives. I pray that their root structure goes down deep into the soil of His marvelous love. God did promise me that I would see the fruit of my labours and I expect to continually see good fruit (results/changed lives).
    God is ever so faithful. He wants us to know/trust and experience the love He has for us so that we can go out and share it with others.

  4. Kevin says :

    Hey, Pastor Anthony!

    It’s so true that God will show up in phenomenal ways. I have seen Him do that over and over again in my life. And He continues to do that in recent days as we prepare to plant a church. I was listening to a sermon on sharing the gospel, and the thing that stood out to me from the scriptures the pastor was sharing was the sovereignty of God. Everyone–including those closest to Jesus–thought that all was lost when Jesus was crucified, but little did they know it was the fulfillment of God’s plan all along (and that He had spoken about all along through the prophets). I think we look at our circumstances sometimes and think God forgot what he was doing. I read this quote recently: “When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” (Og Mandino) That’s just the moment He is ready to show up!


  5. Judy Scurr says :

    In response to truecorylove’s comment.

    The whole chapter of Psalm 139 is an excellent chapter to read on how wonderfully beautiful you were created(made) but I would like to emphasize verse 17&18 where it says “Oh God, how precious and weighty are Your thoughts towards me! How vast is the sum of them! If I could count them, they would be more in number than the sand. Next time when you are at a beach or a park where there is a sandbox, pick up some sand in your hand and try to count each grain or particle of sand that you gathered in that one handful. You can’t because there are too many to count. The good and wonderful thoughts that God has towards you are too many for you to count. That’s how highly He thinks you and how precious He knows you are. You are not less of a person for what happened to you as a little girl. You are a young woman of value. It’s great that God is placing supportive and loving people across your path.
    Regardless of our past experiences, God can and wants to officially heal and restore us back to a whole person again. God does give us the ability to forgive and to overcome our fear. As we spend time with Him and read what He says in the bible our faith will grow and this helps us overcome and bring closure to those things in our past that hinders our growth today. Know that learning to trust God and others takes time and often will be a step by step process when you’ve lived with abuse and misplaced trust.

    There is so much more I could say to you but I tried not to be too personal on this open blog. I will be praying for you. God Bless.

  6. truecorylove says :

    In response to judy Scurr thank you so much for ur response i didnt expect nobody to say nothing yet for reasons that ur right im fearful and im learning little by little because god is teaching me and making me feel things everyday that i cant even describe im changing and healing but because of how i was raised its a very slow procces with me ….but thank u so much for ur response god bless!!!

  7. Judy Scurr says :

    Bless you too “truecorylove!”
    If the process is slow..that’s okay, at least there is some progress. It’s like peeling onions. There are layers and layers of stuff that makes me water up (cry) terribly. Many times there are rotton or bad layers and they have to be peeled off to get to the firmer fresher layers. God is good and faithful and very patient! He knows what you are made of because He created you and will mold you and build you back to where you are suppose to be. With the issue of trusting God and people..that takes time too, especially if there has been continuous hurt etc.
    For your emotional and spirtual growth I can’t emphasize reading the bible enough to you. Isaiah in the old testament is my favourite and I read it a lot when I was battling with fear and anxiety. Finding a good mentor or someone that you look up to and can trust that you would allow to speak into your life with encouragement would be a good thing. (Preferrably a woman that won’t repeat what you share with her when you talk about personal things.)
    If you have personal questions or would like to write me my email address is jude5454@yahoo.com.
    I pray that God will continue to protect you and strengthen you in your daily walk with Him. I ask that He will give you “treasure moments” so you will continuely be reminded of His love for you.
    God has good plans for you truecorylove!

  8. truecorylove says :

    Thank u judy i dearly appriciate it….:-)!!! Pastor A!! Big hug for u 🙂 love love love here lol!! until ur next beautiful blog

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