In your life, you will be hurt by others; sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. How you handle that hurt determines your happiness. When you bottle up hurt in your life and hold onto it, that is called resentment. If somebody hurt you years ago and you’re still holding onto it, it will poison your life. For your own health and happiness, you must learn to forgive.

The Bible says forgive and be forgiven. In fact, Jesus says, “If you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive the wrongs you have done” (Matthew 6:15 TEV). They’re inter-related.

For your own sake, let go of the past. If somebody hurt you, let go of it, release them. That’s one of the values of prayer. It helps you unload. Forgiveness is the only way to get rid of the past. Forgive them and let it go. Get on with life. Forgiveness erases the videotape of that hurt memory that keeps playing over and over in your mind.

Today, my wife Sonja and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary. In my own marriage, the times I’ve felt closest to my wife, the times of most intimacy and oneness, have been times after an upset or blow up. We’ve worked the thing through, we’ve both confessed to each other and asked forgiveness, and we give our hearts to each other anew. The oneness that comes out of that kind of experience just can’t be explained.

When we let go of our hurts and release our hearts in forgiveness to others, we are reflecting the grace of our heavenly Father who forgave us and continues to forgive us. It means we’ve given God our love; we’ve given God our lives, and, in doing that, we reflect God and truly worship God.


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  1. Becky says :

    Happy 7th Anniversary Pastor Anthony and Sonja…

    Good Blog Anthony…This is a good reminder to everyone those single and married, in a relationship or not..

    Terry and I have been married for 25yrs. and throughout those years, we’ve had plenty of disagreements/arguments, and yes, resentment had built up but love always conquers all. Without forgiveness, there is no love because the bitterness consumes the body, mind and soul… I usually do have a forgiving heart but sometimes I found resentment taking over…and my heart hardened..However, guilt took over and I couldn’t stay mad forever…Our marriage hasn’t been an easy one, but I can say that I do love Terry with all my heart, soul, and mind…We can forgive over and over…It’s usually me who needs the forgiving, and Terry always does…Like I said, love conquers all..and communication is one of the key tools to a happy and life long marriage..We talk things out too and forgive each other…God said we are to always forgive..70 x 7…..I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, I’d rather have a soft heart and be like Jesus did..Forgive…

  2. Sue Watts says :

    Thank you Anthony;
    How quick those offenses rise up in our hearts, how quick we are to take offense. Which just because unforgiveness. And then when we say a situation is resolved, I wonder if we (I) really mean it involves forgiveness or just some sort of resolution ( I will do this better, he will do this better, it was soemthing elses fault). If so and forgiveness isnt involved then offense is still there and unforgiveness is still there.
    Thanks for reminding us of the very basics of the love of the Father poured out in His Son’s blood on the cross.
    There is nothing more important than that.

  3. Judy Scurr says :

    Happy Anniversary Pastor Anthony and Sonja. I hope you are taking time out of your busy schedules to celebrate this special day!

  4. truecorylove says :

    Wow I like this…..everyone experiences being hurt one way or another….sadly Pastor Anthony….i learned it the hard way that u just cant hold on to being hurt forever… its not healthy emotionally or physically….especially physically… and i witnessed that for so many years from family sadly but i dont wana do that despite whats gone on in my life… i wana be different from my family… I AM…AND I WILL BE i refuse to be a FOLLOWER iM GONNA BE A LEADER….Im gaining so much independence from learning this exactly…but its a good step god has put me on learning….u know?? and its beautiful….

    Wow i got attached to so much resentment i think as a child that its hard to get away from something like that because its wat absorbed in my mind as i watched it and learned it unfortanatly But gods giving me strength to keep on pushing… and im happy with the path im on right now.. HE KEEPS LISTENING TO ME 🙂 and im pullign away from that little by little…:-)

    Gods turning my heart and soul into his bible in a way.. idk how to explain it… but he took over me… and im forever grateful because i know hes not leaving me….He helped me look within 🙂 Hes the light that shines outa me….Thats whats helping me forgive although its time… im doing it im actually doing it Pastor Anthony 🙂

    I do feel forgivness god has taught me is the only way to truly be happy… dont need no drama, worries, sadness, anger why want all of that, i think thats what stops people from letting in god to there hearts because forgivness hasent taken its course wit them.. u know??? so firgivness has to happen…. i honestly think… doing that then u can feel and notice just how beautiful and lucky u r for everything one has….

    I think in order for a relationship/marriage to survive there has to be forgivness, communication, honesty of how one feels, im definitly still learning that.. even after my first real breakup…but i know im still learning and that its apart of life…its a learning experience… FORGIVNESS HAS TO HAPPEN THOUGH… i think after blow ups its more preecious because …. when u have forgave and arrived at at a beautiful forgiving conclusion that fits both beautiful heart and souls… then its something to people trueasure because they both survived a tough disagreement or argument…and in the end both can feel stronger then ever because love, god, forgivness and comuncation…took its course 🙂 is beautiful it really is….it gives u more strength….and ur right P. Anthony something like that between two people just cant be put into words…thats what makes it so prettyful!!! :-)!!! LoL!!

    God is my life, my love, the air i breath, the blood that flows threw my vains…..i love that he never leaves me…hes the feeling i cant replace….with god one always has evrything they need….
    I wana share this lyric with u that i heard from a song i just cant get outa my head now this artist idk who she is only Greg knows P. Anthony lol… The artists name is Silva but the line from her song is beautiful and its wat god helped me realize lately i go by this line alot….Gods in ur heart and soul u have to follow it … 😉


    Great blog P. Anthony u rock!!! and happy anniversary!!!!! xoxox

  5. truecorylove says :

    can i borrow this photo??? lol is so pretty and awsome!!! u n god truly helped me realize.. the part of the song i wrote 🙂 thanks again

  6. Becky says :

    I just wanted to add something else to my comments Anthony…We, like you and Sonja have grown closer to each other because of the way we handle our blow ups/arguments…I stay mad for awhile and then I realize that I’m the only one hurting by staying resentful, and so we talk it out…and then we are okay once forgiveness has taken place…..

  7. blake says :

    Happy 7 years to you both!

  8. truecorylove says :

    Hi Pastor A…well i just came by to say hi since its been a lil bit… well oh how i miss ur blog postings lol!!

    Well for this blog i was looking back on and it made me want to write a poem so here it is

    The fight to walk, the fight to win, the fight to loose whats with-in. The fight to follow, the fight to strength, the fight to show with no regrets. The blessings i feel, the blessings i meet will make my fight so complete. As time goes by and i see his light, the path im on will shine so bright. The fear of pain will drift away knowing HE will guide me to a brigther day

    God is good take care and hope to read a new beautiful blog soon i need to put my mind to think again!! lol!!! thats why i need ur blogs hahaha!! well again pastor A until ur next blog peace, love and happiness

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