Self-consciousness can kill faith and rob us of our God-given destiny. It is a manifestation of what the Bible calls living in the ‘old self’, because it concentrates more on me and my weaknesses, strengths or needs, than it does on the Lord. Self-consciousness can take on a number of faces. For some people it takes the form of egoism. Whatever our purpose in life, we need big hearts not big heads. I’ve come across people — I’m sure you have, too — who, because of their talent, think they’re God’s gift to planet earth. I feel like packing them off marked ‘return to sender’. Talented people have a responsibility to use their gift for service. When God gives you a lot, he expects a lot… Luke 12:48

For other people, self-consciousness expresses itself in a strong inferiority complex. One of Satan’s favourite ploys is to accuse us of hypocrisy. ‘You’re not qualified to do anything for God,’ he riles. We must remember that success in God’s eyes is not measured by our talent, our qualifications or even our self-esteem. It is measured by our obedience. As we simply obey God, doing all that he tells us to do, we can shrug off the enemy’s jibes, stand tall in faith, and overcome any crippling self-consciousness.

Colossians 3:9-10 ‘…you have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.'(NIV)

Prayer: Father, I humble myself again before you today. I thank you that my worth as a person doesn’t come from my own achievements; it comes from the fact that you love me, that Jesus died for me, and that I can walk in obedience to your purpose for my life.’


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3 responses to “WHAT IS YOUR SELF LIFE?”

  1. Kevin Frank says :

    That’s a good point about self-consciousness also expressing itself in an inferiority complex. I usually only think it as pride, but thinking less of myself is still focusing on ME. Thanks Pastor A!

  2. truecorylove says :

    Oh how happy i am that u wrote another blog… yes!! god is good loL!!! Ok soooo in my opinion god does and has given people great gifts…and i of course belive that he gives then to a particualr person for a reason…but sometimes it can cause them to have a big ego yes indeed Pastor A…and its like god gave u this gift to bless, and heal the world in any way possible not for the person to be like oooo hey look at me!! u know ??? Any gift one recieves from god he gave to that person to use for a purpose because he maybe felt that person can really make people pay attention or make people open there eyes to what they are seeing!!

    One quote comes to mind when i hear this and it just sticks out in my head and is like bugging me until i write it down here on ur blog P.anthony.. because this quote is ment for this blog.. it is “With great power, comes great responsibility”

    Wow I just love this quote and its like what u are saying here.. when u say… “When god gives u alot, he expects alot” a gift from god can be just the thing to help change somebodys life or it might be that little bit we need to change the world… and of course god knows the right people to pick for that… thats why we can say god ways, and purposes are such a beautiful blessing because he works in mysterious ways… his mysterious ways will be revealed when it is ment to be revealed…thats the beautiful, shocking, type of thing that jus makes people think twice and say wow god really is there by urside…

    The success we do or complete or anything is not wat god measures us by ur r definily right there Pastor A!! 🙂 it definitly goes by ou obidience towards god himself…When one allows god into them 100% i think then they will know that they can truly never doubt god for anything…that if we follow the light and path he sets for us we can truly succeed and be happy… (As for i will admit pastor A…im not there yet 100% but i am healing and im learning.. i love the experience though) My strength and everything in conclusion is definitly tested as i walk down this road of giving god my heart 100% but i love the test because it just helps my faith grow little by little and it helps me faith, heart and soul develop trust in god and for me to be able to see that patience is something u have to have with god.. because he fufills people and this worlds destiny when it is ment to be done… why rush… although there are tough times along the way… god is always there …. to pick us up again. And he will show each person wat they need to see when it is the right time.

    Thats were one will be able to say-“You have taken off your old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.”

    Father i thank u for measuring me by the fact that u love me not because of wat i have done… and that i know i am forever loved in your eyes…Father u are good, kind and beautiful!! I slowly give my heart to u and the path im taking i know ur strength and faith towards me will help me reach the end of any dark tunnel!!

    In conclusion Pastor A. as usual thanks for putting my brain to think again it needed to be done lol!! great blog u rock!! love, blessings and happiness!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nancy (Howard) Walker says :

    Anthony: I am so glad that I checked your blog from Sept. 28th. This is an area I have been struggling in. Since our church started in Woodstock in April, I have been asked to speak an exaltation a few times. Each time seems to have gotten harder and harder for me and I fight with myself – I mean what can I have to say that could impact anyone. Now pastor has asked me to prepare to do the main message and everything in me wants to say no but it is to please God that I said yes. I am speaking this week, Oct. 25th but my main message will be Nov. 9th. I am nervous but know that since God have me the message to present it is really only up to me to put it on paper and present it. This blog helps me a lot as I know it will be the Holy Spirit I will be relying on and as long as I am obedient and submitted, He will be my strength. God Bless you and I am so glad you are having such a blast.


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