Despite our efforts to keep him out, God intrudes.

The life of Jesus is bracketed by two impossibilities: a virgin’s womb and an empty tomb.

Jesus entered our world through a door marked “No entrance” and left through a door marked “No exit.”

Jesus had no servants, yet they called Him Master.
Had no degree, yet they called Him Teacher.
Had no medicines, yet they called Him Healer.
Had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today.

So get ready He is about to invade your heart and life all over again.


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  1. Rebecca says :

    Come Jesus, come! I welcome you! Amen! agree?

  2. truecorylove says :

    Jesus never left us. Hes always with us. The decisions of people is what decides were and if god goes in there hearts or not. He has and always will be there its just a matter of letting him in and beliving that just because we dont see something that many would expect to see to prove god is here does not mean he isint.
    In my mind and in my heart the little things are the biggest miracles. Because something little as someone hearing an insperational sentence that changes there way of thinking about god and makes him or her belive in him after that. That is a miracle. For someone to go to church and who hasent been there in years to listen to the pastor speak or hear stories and be affected in a beautiful way in a matter of 1 day! that is little to many but a big miracle if we truly open our eyes and hearts. Miracles are much more appriciated when that little light bulb of realization pops in our heads and says oh my gosh thats true! Or when standing in church scared and worried about something but theres that one person who just greets u or smiles and comforts u as a friend that makes ur faith just a little stronger. Or seeing a band of church members up on stage singing there hearts out smiling n singing and that little spark in your heart brings a happy tear in your eye because of that “LITTLE” moment that god wanted you to feel and see.

    You see …? things like that are little miracles that make a miraculous change inside someones heart if they just belive and realize god never left…that god has always been right there with his hand extended! Its just that little moment were one needs that spark to be able to reach the little bit of inches left between the door to ones heart and gods hand at letting him open it and going in to bless your heart and soul. When it happens they will know… Its happening for me litttle by little after such tragic losses that i still find myself braking down over out of no were. But ive been going to church and still realizing even more little by little he was never gone!

    “He will always live in me” hes the air that i breath, the one that keeps me going! the one that fills my heart with his amaizing grace. He who created me that i give thanks for my life and a whole new one im getting use to and know that hes there with me to hold me when im scared. Hes making me feel i can do it… i will be ok… with the people and things hes blessing me with. Father i love u!!!”

    Pastor Anthony your a blessing in my life from afar. I still havent given up on hoping, n wishing one day to meet u in person.! all my love n blessings!! i missed this sorry it took me so long to write…as i was collecting my emotions and faith…as you know why… You never seem to let me down with your beautiful words, insperation, friendship and blogs and through god i love ya dearly !! all my love n blessings to u and ur beautiful family!!! xo

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