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3 responses to “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

  1. Greg says :

    I was thinking we should all do our part as a member of the Body of Christ. We should love our God with all our heart and love each other as Christ would love each and everyone of us. See each moment and each person as an opportunity to do as Christ would do propelled by his love flowing through us. Love covers a multitude of sin. Choose love and not sin. Love will always prevail.

    Greg Harrison

  2. truecorylove says :

    I was thinking the love of god is the best thing in the world, the best thing for our hearts, the best thing for our faith, and the best thing for our hope. Gods love is proven in ways undescribable. His love is a new present every single day. His light and love shines in front of ones eyes, when one lets him into there heart. He there for shows u the path that is for u. He takes you on adventures never thought imaginable. He throws things at u to let u know although its not always easy. He extends his hand that makes u silent by his loving peace. He comes offering his heart and soul to us. As we are each shaped and formed beautifully by his beautiful hands n soul.

    “Faith and love for him silences all the negativity. There are battles as life isint easy, but over the time god is being born inside you his light of love shines!”

    There for “I surrender to his love”


  3. truecorylove says :

    Prayer to god and what i was thinking…..- “From the time i rise to when i sleep, I know ill have everything i need because you are looking out for me!”

    “I know you will never leave me, cuz u gave up you completly!!!!”

    “I know that you complete me!!!”


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