This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well, but I love music. I grew up listening to bands like The Beatles and, even now, I enjoy hearing what great new sounds are coming out.

I also love music for another reason—the way it can touch a person’s heart. The right lyric in a song can reach someone in a way that the spoken word can’t. They can bring encouragement to someone who is hurting, and plant seeds in the heart of a person who is in need of hope.

My opinion is that I welcome any attempt to communicate the Word of God to our culture. And I know that music can be a powerful tool for getting Scripture into the hearts and minds of people. Remember, the Psalms were originally meant to be set to music, and the Bible is filled with people who lifted their praises to God through song and music.

If  you have written a song or put some music together let me know. Would love to hear it and read the lyric. Who knows maybe what you have is for others to enjoy too. Let the music begin.

This month, let’s sing out our praises to the Lord, and celebrate all that He has done for us!


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2 responses to “LET THE MUSIC BEGIN”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Amen Anthony! I love music too and also agree with you on how it can touch a person’s heart..Even hearts that have turned to stone because of what life has dealt them..There’s something to be said about God’s music…Certain songs just seem to reach down and touch that spot where all can be changed..that’s right, the heart…Even hardened hearts can be softened with scriptural passages put to music… There’s been times in my life even now in church or listening to a song at home on Life 100.3 or another christian station, that tears and the Holy Spirit will come upon and touch me and reveal to me what I need to hear and to change in my life…Bring on the music and give praises to God! Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!, Hallelujah!

  2. truecorylove says :

    Hello Pastor Anthony .. its been a while..but i am near a computer at the moment so i knew i had to visit your site..So what a beautiful topic even though i know im behind in your blogs lol but “Music” wow i love music and it is a big part of what keeps me going. Music and such art creativity happens to be the best way to express myself since i was a little girl.its helped me get through the worst possible grieving times in my life and it is doing so at this time as well. Wow anyone who knows me knows music is a big part of my heart,mind,body and soul. Its one of the places were my insperation for my poems come from. 🙂 i love to sing, and dance. But most of all write. As i have never really actually written a song but am in the process right now of trying it out 🙂 i never really thought of turning my poems into music until after my moms passing 9 months ago, and even more insperation now. Its a very healthy way to deal with the 3 losses i have endured since november. And it has definitly brought me closer to god. Im stuck on a song right now and i sent it to u as i had previously told u about. It was called “Before the morning” my josh wilson. Now that is whats helping me still now. And its because as you said that a simple lyric or song can have such an effect on someone enough to give them that strength, faith or hope that they have been missing. Its amaizing how that can happen so simple and change someone for the better. And i myself am living proof. Music to me makes me feel like the thirst my heart is craving for to build up everything it may need or might be missing. especially gods music. ❤ god is good..truly and hes put me in certain places at certain times to make me hear songs that he knew i needed to hear because thats how much they were gonna help me, inspire me or give me that push i needed. I love that feeling!!! 🙂 and even more if a new idea or thought happens to pop into my head for a story or poem especially!! :))!!! its very exciting for me because its like gods saying ok i have a new thought for you to write down and express that just might do something for someone… 🙂 its unbelivable…and when im writing god never lets me fall..im always shielded by his loving embrace and although times when i write i began to cry.. its my way of knowing that my poem is that much more precious because god gave me the insperation to write it… :))))!
    So in conlusion Pastor A! music is a big thing for me and many others im sure. singing out and praising to the lord for all he has done for us is a beautiful thing to do! i do it every chance i get, because he gives me that fire and passion in my heart that comes from the light n love that is shining and flowing through me from his blessings! i love him! ❤ n the passion that runs through me for music and writing all goes to him because he gave me the gift of deep creative expression through writing and im grateful! ❤

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