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  1. truecorylove says :

    No i dont belive my faith has been highjacked because without it i wouldent be here. Its sad to know though with some, faith can be highjacked in a second, and then many would be missing out on the beautiful things that could happen because one choose to keep there faith alive. (I mean this in a beautiful positive way) In some ways to me faith is a test because alot of the time people will be tested to prove that if a struggle is thrown there way will they turn them selves over to temptation from the devil? or will they rise on top and remind themselves that no matter how dark or stormy a situation can be that god will always bring sunshine? Thats were a persons faith steps in….wich is were i say and question as you do Pastor A..”Will a persons faith be highjacked”? i should hope not…because in truth i say god never ever gives u anything you can not handle!… If something has to happen then he waits for the right time were he feels that particular person or the world will be able to handle the situation. Thats why faith, strength, belief, peace and love threw gods spirit is truly needed. But all in all people have a choice… wether they choose to let there faith be highjacked..or will they keep it in there hearts were god should be…We always have a choice and mine is to keep my faith! 🙂

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