Your Sons and Daughters Will Come From Afar

There are times in our lives when we seem to plumb the depths, when our experience is anything but happy or sparkling or exhilarating. In those times, it seems that God’s promises to us will never be fulfilled, that righteousness will not win the day. When those times come, it can be all too easy to start believing that we’re totally alone, that our efforts for the Lord have been forgotten, that we’ve never done anything lasting for him. Just when we feel that things can’t get any worse … they don’t! Suddenly, God comes to us with a promise like this one, a promise about fruitfulness. He reminds us that no matter how low we feel, he will make sure that our fruit remains.

Isaiah 60:4-5 ‘Lift up your eyes and look about you: All assemble and come to you; your sons come from afar, and your daughters are carried on the arm. Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy; the wealth on the seas will be brought to you, to you the riches of the nations will come.’ (NIV)

He says ‘lift up your eyes and look around! Now’s the time, lift your vision again, let me show you something…’ Over the horizon, we see our spiritual sons and daughters coming from afar. These are the people we’ve influenced and helped, those into whom we’ve poured our lives along life’s road. They haven’t forgotten us; the investment we made in them has not been wasted. No, they’re coming to us, with stories of God’s blessing and power in their lives. They’re returning home to share with us how much we mean to them. As they come, they’re bringing their wealth with them. They want to share with us the good fruit they’ve seen in their lives. They want to let us in on the blessing and the benefits. Our hearts can’t help but ‘swell with joy’. Always remember: nothing you’ve ever done for the Lord, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, will ever go unrewarded or unnoticed. You will see your sons coming from afar, and you will be radiant!


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  1. truecorylove says :

    Hey Pastor A.,
    How funny that my brother being a strong cristian we were just discussing about how people get rewarded for doing good deeds and so much more towards god. Seems to me that when people are doing things and they are in assumption alot of the time that they are gonna be awarded something big!
    When they truly fail to see the real gift can lie in the miracle (AS U SAY HERE) n change u make in somebodys life.

    A gift from god can be in any shape or form. But when a person faces a bad time it truly does shatter faith for those whos faith in god is shakin. So people question things like

    1. Why do i have to feel the pain i feel
    2. is there a god? if so why am i hurting..

    “”But i truly belive as a recent song i fell in love with says…”Maybe there are things you cant see. And all those things are happening to bring a better ending. Some day, Some how you’ll see.””

    So as the song says.. I dare and ask would you dare to belive that you still have a reason to sing. Cause the pain that youve been feeling cant compare to the joy thats coming. Once you open your eyes to truly see and take in all of gods miracles and blessings around you.

    Hold on just a little bit more “you gotta wait for the light,press on and fight the good fight” the pain that your feeling, “is just the dark before the morning.”

    With faith in god you will see your path clear about were you will be led to. Dont be afraid of how u will get there, because god will make it a beautiful healing journey if you just have faith. “Cant compare to the joy thats coming” for u if u keep beliveing. If your a little afraid then talk and pray to god to give u more comfort along the way of your unsureness.
    For those who love god will get the biggest reward in the end. God will show you what is ment for you to see, everything will be ok. God is there for you through the worst times. And if u continue to have faith in him through those times most of all. He will award your faith with so much love and “fruitfullness”

    In conclusion i leave u with this pastor A. i offer adivce to say to everyone “open up your eyes n heart just a little more n let god inside your heart and soul.! Make it a challenge and you will win. And in the end the best gift u will recieve is your strength and faith!!!

    ps- This is the song i shared with u Pastor A. and i just am in love with it like im in love with god thats how much it impacted my heart and how much the words caught me so i post it here in case someone needs a little motivation!!!!! here u go..

    Until your next beautiful blog pastor A.! All my love n blessings
    ~Lisa~ (t.c.l always) ❤

  2. Judy Scurr says :

    I was driving along a highway up in the Eastern Ontario (Ottawa Valley) area and both sides of this highway were framed in with walls of layered rock. Trees of all varieties and sizes were growing out of these rocky walls. As I pondered on this briefly, (I was driving) I knew somehow these trees got there by one little seed dropped in by a bird flying over the area or by the parent tree dropping its seeds. It was amazing how one little seed could get inside that rock and produce a tree and despite the foundation it was still alive, green and growing. Some were growing straight up, some crooked and some sideways but they were still receiving enough nourishment to thrive. God showed me many years ago that all I was suppose to do was plant seed and He would take that seed and place it in the tiniest hairline cracks of a stony heart and command it to grow. As a tree grows in that stone/ has to eventually make room for itself so the rock starts to break up around it to allow for more growth. The rock type grip lets go/yields and allows room for the tree to grow. I have seen over time how God can take a person that we thought the hardest and least likely, soften their hearts and use them mightily for His kingdom purposes. God is faithful and His word does not return to Him void or empty. We can expect to see our harvest. We might not reap what we have planted but we still have a big part in that harvest. The bird that dropped that tiny tree seed into the rocky ground flew off (moved on). I wonder how many birds have come along since, nested on that very tree and are enjoying the benefits/fruit of the other bird’s labour?
    God is faithful !

  3. Spencer Nordyke says :

    Wow, one of my favorite promises! That whole chapter outlines all the things that God said WILL COME! Thanks for your depth of insight and encouragement!

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