Whether good or bad, your daily habits determine your future.  Habits are powerful forces in your life which can help you achieve your goals and foster healthy relationships or can lead you down a path of destruction. There is good news; breaking bad habits and starting good ones is completely within your control.  You have the ability to create a better character!

Did you know your daily habits determine your future? If you have a routine each morning that prepares you for work feeling your best and brightest, you will likely enjoy more success than someone who sleeps in and arrives at work lethargic. If you are in the habit of exercising and eating healthy foods, you will likely enjoy greater health than those who don’t.

On the other hand, if you are in the habit of acting irritable on the job or coming home from work grouchy, your relationships will likely plateau far sooner than you like.

Habits are very powerful forces in your life – they can help you achieve your goals and foster healthy relationships or they can lead you down a path of destruction. Almost all of our behaviours are formed by habit.

Sadly, a bad habit like impatience has the power to destroy. Countless lives have been lost because someone was in too much of a hurry to wait at a red light or stop at a stop sign. Marriages have been shattered because someone didn’t pause before speaking.

But bad habits aren’t cast in stone. They can be broken. The Bible refers to the “renewal of your mind” in Romans 12:2 by spending time in God’s Word and having a relationship with Him.

If you want to become a more patient or kind person, the first step is a willingness to let God help bring about the change in you.

Here are seven concepts that can help you develop good habits and in turn will develop your character:

1.    Your character is composed by your attitudes, appearance and habits. Your habits tell the world a lot about what type of person you are. Make a decision for how you wish to be known and then develop habits that will make you become that person.

2.    A habit is simply an acquired behaviour, developed by doing something over and over. You were designed by God to be habitual. Elite athletes have developed habits by repeating the behaviour or actions that have made them excel in their sport. Habits are acquired when you repeatedly do something enough times that you do it by instinct.

3.    Put your energy into building good habits. It’s a simple principle that you empower the things you focus on. Focusing on your bad habits will only give them more strength but focusing on good habits will give them strength and help push out the bad ones.

4.    Habits are formed by desire. In a desire to become a better person, Benjamin Franklin made a list of the qualities he’d like to have and then dedicated a week to developing the habits that would lead to those character qualities. Determine the virtues you want and then repeat behaviours that will lead to habit.

5.    The small actions you take today will become habit and your habits will determine your character. Your actions become habit and your habits determine what you do in life. Your habits provide the foundation of your character.

6.    Determine the qualities you want in your life and develop habits that will support those qualities. If you want to become a more patient person, deem it a priority and practice it. The next time you’re about to become impatient, stop yourself from blowing off steam and take a deep breath instead. Do this often enough and it will become a habit.

7.    Your habits can either attract or repel people. Turn admirable qualities into habit – like being positive, decisive, thankful, or encouraging. Turn occasional humour into a habit, have a little more wonder and joy in your life. Make it a characteristic of your life. Jesus had habits that attracted people, habits of prayer, habits of study, habits for the way he treated people. Make every effort to become more Christ-like in your habits and watch how they will renew your mind and transform your life.



  1. Rebecca says :

    I can see where this blog is just for me…Patience is a virtue I must learn and to apply to every area of my life. I always thought I had alot of patience. How God is showing me how much more of this habit I need to learn and change in my life.
    Thank you Anthony for pointing this out in your blog…Habits do create change for the good when one is willing to change for the better.

  2. Priya says :

    Great blog post, P.A. Question: do you believe that it is impossible for people’s actual CHARACTER to change? Sort of along the same lines as: “a leopard never changes his spots” or “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” or the infamous “once a cheater always a chater”. In other words, can people really change their CHARACTER? Or is the pre-requisite to such a change be that they need to WANT to? What are your thoughts?

  3. Priya says :

    and, P.S. if the pre-requisite is to WANT to that change – how do we inspire/motivate/encourage people to DESIRE that change? How is it possible to inspire desire in others? Or, is that to be left up to the work of Holy Spirit? thanks for answering my questions hehehe :o)

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