One Way to Live The Life Now is to Make Leisure Part of Your Day

How do you get good at getting the rest God said was good for you? How do you get good at leisure? We can, of course, nod in agreement about how important it is to rest and get recharged, but our greatest need is not inclination; it’s demonstration.

Here are two suggestions that will help.

1. Deliberately stop being absorbed with the endless details of life. Our Saviour said it straight when He declared that we cannot, at the same time, serve both God and man. But we try so hard! If Jesus’s words from Matthew 6 say anything, they are saying, “Don’t sweat the things only God can handle.” Each morning, deliberately decide not to allow worry to steal your time and block your leisure.

2. Consciously start taking time for leisure. After God put the world together, He rested. We are commanded to imitate Him. For the rest to occur in our lives, Christ Jesus must be in proper focus. He must be in His rightful place before we can ever expect to get our world to fall into place.
A bone-weary father dragged into his home dog-tired late one evening. It had been one of those unbelievable days of pressure, deadlines, and demands. He looked forward to a time of relaxation and quietness. Exhausted, he picked up the evening paper and headed for his favorite easy chair by the fireplace. About the time he got his shoes untied, plop! Into his lap dropped his five-year-old son with a big grin.
“Hi, Dad . . . let’s play!”
He loved his boy dearly, but his need for a little time all alone to repair and think was, for the moment, a greater need than time with Junior. But how could he maneuver it?
There had been a recent moon probe, and the newspaper carried a huge picture of earth. With a flash of much-needed insight, the dad asked his boy to bring a pair of scissors and some transparent tape. Quickly, he cut the picture of earth into various shapes and sizes, then handed the homemade jigsaw puzzle over to his son in a pile.
“You tape it all back together, Danny, then come on back and we’ll play, okay?”
Off scampered the child to his room as Dad breathed a sigh of relief. But in less than ten minutes the boy bounded back with everything taped in perfect place. Stunned, the father asked, “How’d you do it so fast, son?”
“Aw, it was easy, Daddy. You see, there’s this picture of a man on the back of the sheet . . . and when you put the man together, the world comes together.”
So it is in life. When we put the Man in His rightful place, it’s amazing what happens to our world. And, more important, what happens to us. I can assure you that in the final analysis of your life—when you stop some day and look back on the way you spent your time—your use of leisure will be far more important than those hours you spent with your nose to the grindstone. Don’t wait until it’s too late to enjoy life.
Live it up now. Throw yourself into it with abandonment. Get up out of the rut of work long enough to see that there’s more to life than a job and a paycheck.

Live the Life now…you’ll never be the same!


2 responses to “LIVE THE LIFE NOW”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Beautiful and refreshing blog to begin the new year with. I really like the phrase(s) you used: ‘and when you put the man together, the world comes together.”
    So it is in life. When we put the Man in His rightful place, it’s amazing what happens to our world. Just love it! Words of great wisdom said here.

    I also like the saying: Take time to stop and smell the roses…I agee, we all need to take time out of our busy lives and play a little…



  2. Judy Scurr says :

    I couldn’t resist….The Soaring Fish!
    Bold or desperate enough? Has to count the cost and forsake all conformity, comfort, old mindsets, traditions, restrictions and man made limitations to take that big leap, to the new, leaving all familarity behind. As the fish leaps out of the small container, it experiences an excitement, breakthrough and most of all…a renewed joy!
    This fish is now soaring above the demands and pressures it knew just minutes before. The focus has changed and is put in its proper perspective..much smaller and less important. The soaring fish is experiencing peace and rest. Spiritually speaking, the fish is seeing things from God’s view of things. God is such a big God and everything else is nothing compared to His bigness. It’s an awesome view from where He is sitting!
    The soaring fish, in it’s new freedom, will remember how vital it is to remain open to new things (changes). It will desire to soar to a place of rest where God is …above the limitations and pressures of small fish container. Resting, making leisure time a necessary part of your life clears your mind, restores your energy and strength, brings the pressures of life into God’s perspective..much smaller and less important!

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