Most of us give up on God too easily. Confusion comes and crowds out our commitment so we quit. Despair descends and we drop off the spiritual map. Fatigue flails our souls and we forfeit our future promise.

Martha was very frustrated with Jesus.  Her situation was hopeless.  Her brother, Lazarus, had been dead four days.  It doesn’t get much worse than that.

However it says in John 11:21-22 “Lord,” Martha said to Jesus, “if you had been here, my brother would not have died. But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask.”

There was something about Martha that didn’t allow her confusion, despair or fatigue to overwhelm her faith.

‘Even now…’she insisted; ‘I believe in your power to resurrect the dead.’

It’s one thing to trust in God when your situation is on life support.  It’s another thing to trust God when your dream is dead and in the ground.

Maybe a relationship in your life just fell apart.
Maybe a miscarriage suddenly ends your promise.
Maybe you lost your job in this last year.
Maybe you’ve made some terrible mistakes that have cost you a lot of time, opportunity and heart ache.

But it’s not over as long as Jesus is on the scene.

Even now He can restore your relationships.
Even now He can supply all your needs.
Even now He can provide for your promise.
Even now He can forgive you and make you whole.

What do we do? Have a Martha mentality. Trust Him, believe Him, hope in Him… Even now!


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3 responses to “EVEN NOW”

  1. Ron Lagerquist says :

    “Maybe you’ve made some terrible mistakes that have cost you a lot of time, opportunity and heart ache.” Good reminder Anthony. Now is always today even very situation. Thanks brother.

  2. Corinne Malloy-Smith says :

    Good application.I just read that same passage last night, and learned from the author that Jews felt it was impossible to raise anyone after the third day as decay would set in. Jesus purposely waited until the 4th day to do the impossible ! For Martha, this would have stretched her faith even more.

  3. Rebecca Foster says :

    Martha’s faith in God is a true testimony to us and others…..God can even restore people who are experiencing times of exhaustion……With God, all things are possible…We need to have more Martha’s in our lives..We need to be Martha and to lean and trust God when we are going through times of bleakness.. Jesus is our HOPE…

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