The Acts of the Apostles

Act 3 – Scene 1

The two apostles Peter and John were doing what they had always done going to the temple at the hour of prayer. It was as they were going in to pray as they approached the gate there was a man sat there begging. This man, in all likelihood had probably been at that gate many times as Peter and John passed through on their way into the temple. This man had been lame from birth and presumably had absolutely no expectation that his life would be any different from anything it had been when he woke that morning.

So here we have Peter and John going about their business and the lame man doing what he had always done. Everything was about to change! What made this day different from any other day? The fledgling apostles notice the lame man with different eyes!

Not long had passed since the amazing events of the upper room where the Holy Spirit had filled all who were present. He empowered them for witness and what we see here in this passage is the beginning of the outworking of Acts 1:8. Peter then makes one of the greatest declarations…

But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!”

The point I want make is this: Peter was in a familiar place, for a familiar activity, yet in the familiar he was willing to see the spectacular happen because he dared to believe the promises of Jesus. He spoke in with the authority of Jesus and saw this man jump to his feet and praise God.

Imagine what could happen if we started to spot the opportunities for the spectacular in the familiar.

The problem with talk about mission (think witness/evangelism) we often think that we have to do something additional to what we are already doing, then we get overwhelmed thinking about how we will find the time, and then we don’t bother. However, if we thought about the what we do for throughout the week and then began to think differently about those things, listen to what the Holy Spirit may be saying and doing in the lives of the people we meet we may just begin to see spectacular things happen in our familiar things. It doesn’t need to be someone jumping out a wheelchair but simply grabbing a chance to talk to someone about what Jesus has done in you and offering them hope for a different way of life.

So as you go through the remainder of this week, allow God the Holy Spirit to use you to help move someone towards Jesus.

I would be really interested in hearing stories of how God has used you in familiar task to do something spectacular through you so please leave a comment.


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  1. Rebecca Foster says :

    Awhile ago, I had a client who openly shared with me her fears and what was going on in her life..I openly shared a bit of my lifestory and how coming to know Jesus helped me overcome and be victorious in my life.. She didn’t much about God or Jesus but had been to church…I told her how much Jesus loves her…She said she wants to go to church, but is afraid of what her boyfriend and family/friends would think. I just shared with her my same feelings on that but that yes, there would be changes in her life, but for the better and to not be afraid of what other people would think… We then prayed but she wasn’t ready yet to accept Jesus into her life, but wanted to know more.. I invited her to church but due to her weekend work, she can’t make it to our service but when I suggested an eve. service, she said she would like to go sometime..I am still waiting and praying she will go..I offered to go with her one Sun. eve.

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