Finding your divine purpose does not have to be a mystery. Do you chase the question whether you are wasting your life in a certain job, relationship, or church? Most of us are deeply concerned with living meaningful, purposeful lives, yet we spend a lot of energy trying to figure out if we are. This post is meant to help answer the question, “what is God’s purpose for my life?”.

#1. God’s Purpose for Himself

The journey to discovering our purpose is to begin by asking what is God’s purpose. What is God’s goal in creating and governing the world? Why does He exist and what is His reason for being?

Isaiah 43:7
Bring all who claim me as their God,
for I have made them for my glory. It was I who created them.’” 

If we are seeking to follow Him it is important to know where He is going. If we don’t know His goal and our lives are not in alignment with it, then we will find ourselves in conflict with God and excluded from fellowship with Him. However, on the other hand, nothing inspires love, joy, and peace for daily living like knowing you are in harmony with God and His purpose for Himself.

Adam and Eve chose to eat from the forbidden tree in order to be like God and independent of Him, the human race has been enslaved to a rebellious heart that hates to rely on God but loves to make a name for itself. We were created from the beginning in God’s image that He might show forth God’s glory. His plan is to multiply and fill the earth so that the knowledge of the glory of God would cover the whole world.

However, ever since the fall of man into sin, people have refused to align themselves with this divine goal. God exists to bring glory to Himself so that all of His creation may know Him. Take a moment now through this link to participate in a brief guided time of reflection that will help you know how to better pray to experience God’s glory around you.

Listen to prayer

Find peace, purpose and strength with Jesus in prayer. Hear daily prayers, choose prayer topics and customize your prayer time.

THIS POST WAS TAKEN FROM THE YOUVERSION BIBLE READING PLAN. https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/1421-what-is-gods-purpose-for-my-life



  1. bckfoster5 says :

    I just read your blog and when I have more time, I will click on the link provided to see how I can sharpen my prayers to better know His purpose for my life… This gets me thinking, Do I really understand or even know what that is for me??? I wonder how many others truly take time to reflect on this question…Or, are they like me, become complacent at times, and think they know their purpose… I know part of mine, but will be seeking God to see if my purpose lines up with God’s.

    Good Blog for reflective thinking…


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