2 responses to “Videos”

  1. Sue Watts says :

    LOVE this song…..
    Do we ever really think of OUR “SOUL LONGING? “….
    That this may be different from our saying “THIS IS WHAT I WANT”?

    Does our SOUL Long and wait for us to catch up and listen to its call.?
    Sure we are not two different people but often we act like we are.
    Some pf us dont listen to our bodies when it they say”rest” or “eat” or
    ” I am ill” and subsequently we pay the price.
    Sometimes we fill our souls CALL and LONGING with food and drink it cannot have; alcohol, relationships, addictions; money and material goods

    Do we quiet down and listen to what OUR SOUL NEEDS, WHAT IT IS LONGING FOR?
    what it desperatley needs and thirsts for?
    OR are we trying to drown its cry with other things?

    But if we did stop, and listen
    we would hear ourselves crying out to the Father.. longing to really know God.

    If we did so, we would hear what the Lord is saying..
    “I will come like the rain”
    “I make all things new”

    and we would respond

  2. roshani says :

    through this song.. it helps to show the committment to cause and clear seen reality
    of Christ did for us on cross.. through music we learn new things and idenity
    and see breakthrough come through.
    best yet to come.

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