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corey haim

[This weeks blog is dedicated to Corey Haim]

Marc, a friend of mine works as a producer, making films, animation shorts and directs a TV series for one of the Canada’s largest TV broadcasters. Not long after he first became a Christian, he noticed something staggering in the Old Testament story. ‘I was re-reading the story of the exodus from Egypt,’ he recounts this story one day to me as we were grabbing a cup of coffee downtown Toronto. ‘I’d been trying to work out how a filmmaker like me could use his gift for the Lord. Then I noticed that there were several distinct stages in the deliverance of God’s people: slavery in Egypt, then the Red Sea, then the wilderness and finally the promised land. Suddenly, it dawned on me: that’s the way movies are made!’ It’s true.

Why do people go to the movies? Because in the darkened cinema they find stories with which they can connect, narratives that offer them a chance to identify their own struggles and a chance to see a bright, redeeming outcome. In a sense, the life of every Christian is a kind of movie, a story played out not just for its own sake, but for the benefit of many others who need to see how God works. Each one of us has had his or her own Egypt, a place of bondage and powerlessness. We’ve also been through a Red Sea deliverance that’s nothing short of miraculous. And we’ve certainly had our share of wilderness experiences. But what keeps us going is the sense that somewhere out there is our promised land, the great destiny for which we were born. That hope drives us forward every day in faith. You may be in a wilderness experience right now. It may seem that you’ve been waiting forever for God’s deliverance, but it will come. Why? For two reasons. First, because God looks favourably on those who are feeling broken in spirit and contrite, humbled by the experiences of life. He lifts them from that place, to a new height of favour and blessing. And second, because in lifting you up he shows his nature to others who, though you may not be aware of it, are watching the movie of your life unfold. God will show them, through you, the power of hope in the promised land.

Prayer: ‘Lord, I know that others are watching my life. Please help me to keep a hope-filled attitude, even in my wilderness times I want others to see that you are with me and that you are the director & producer of my life.’